Shia LaBeouf Threatens Fan Over An Autograph

Shia LaBeaouf apparently needs to take some anger management classes or something because reports are circling that the actor threatened the life of an innocent fan.

tumblr_mcg772EzKV1ri6l8lo1_500…sorry about my antics…I just want to matter!

Shia’s latest antics took place at a Covent Garden restaurant in London where an eager fan asked the actor for his autograph before he mysteriously made her cry.  Of course the fan’s boyfriend came to the rescue and then that’s when Shia got crazy angry!

An eyewitness said:

“Shia went for this guy after he upset his girlfriend. It was shocking. He looked out of control. Shia pursued him and was overheard saying, ‘I can get you killed.’”

Wow – clearly an overreaction.  But FYI Shia – never threaten a person’s life – especially over your autograph.  Someday people will stop wanting it sir!

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